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Leafs Shutout Flyers on the Road: Good Maple Leafs Team or Bad Flyers Team?

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Did the Leafs play well? Or did the Flyers play bad?

Those are the questions many fans are wondering. And if you look at the stats of that game, the Leafs were outshot by six and outhit by six, but the Flyers had more giveaways with eleven and power play opportunities with four.

Even though the Flyers power play looked terrible, didn’t generate any opportunities, and basically gave the Leafs momentum, the Leafs penalty kill didn’t look that bad.

They played aggressively, didn’t let the Flyers get set up in the offensive zone, and generated a couple of opportunities.

The Maple Leafs scored a goal on the power play and scored a goal shortly after the power play had finished.

When it comes to the Flyers penalty kill, it wasn’t terrible – allowing just one goal.

With Hart in net for the Flyers, the game stayed close until late in the third, which gave the Flyers many chances to tie the game. But with Campbell in the net, the Leafs were able to keep the lead and win the game.

I believe that the Leafs deserved the win. The Leafs penalty kill was actually really good, and they played a complete game which has been their issue this season. On the other hand, the Flyers were lacking chemistry on the power play, which probably cost them the game. It just didn’t look like the Philadelphia deal that we’re used to seeing – I don’t why it just didn’t look like the Flyers team we’re used to seeing.

You can watch the post-game report from their coach above.

When it comes down to it, I think the Leafs played well, though they have lots of work to do, the Flyers didn’t play to their potential. They struggled for most of the game and weren’t hard to play against at all.

This win was great for Leafs fans, but we’ll have to thank the sloppy play of the Flyers for the W.

What do you think? A good Leafs team or a bad Flyers team?

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