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Jack Eichel Says He Didn’t Want to Enter into Another Rebuild With the Sabres

It’s the most talked-about story in the NHL right now.

Jack Eichel’s trade to the Vegas Golden Knights. Yet, it should have worked in Buffalo when he was drafted in 2015.

In an interview with Elliotte Friedman, He said that Buffalo was heading into a kinda-rebuild when they changed management in 2020, and he didn’t want to head in that direction in his new career. He also said in the interview that he asked for a trade because they weren’t heading in the direction to win.

He said that didn’t go over very well.

Ever since Eichel gave his opinion on the direction of the team, things were pretty rocky with him and the team. This probably made his entire stay with the Sabres difficult.

What do you think about the Eichel trade? Who was the real winner?

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