Are The Vancouver Canucks Buying Or Selling This Upcoming Deadline?

As the Canucks sit six points back of the Golden Knights for a playoff spot, fans start to wonder about the trade deadline. Are the Canucks a playoff-ready team? Do they have suitable acquisitions to make them one?

Are the Canucks buying or selling this upcoming trade deadline?

The Canucks have one hole that needs to be fixed, and that is their depth. Do they have enough depth to face the Tampa Bay Lightning when your top players struggle? Yes, they do have some top high-end prospects that can spark them come playoff time, but putting all your faith in prospects come playoffs is a lot to ask from them.

There are many tough decisions for the new general manager of the Vancouver Canucks. He came in with the world going upside down for fans in Vancouver, BC. Fans would rather be buyers and make a push for the playoffs. But it all matters how many games they win in the upcoming weeks.

I think the Canucks management wants to be buying just as much as the fans. They had a rough start of the season fired much of their coaching staff and their general manager. And are now in talks of being in the playoffs and just being a couple of points away.

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